High Performance Homes

Using thoughtfully designed and implemented energy efficient building components and quality ventilation systems, a high performance home will keep you comfortable while doing very little work.

Taking high performance a step further, we have experience with Certified Passive and Net Zero Energy construction.

How does a home perform?

A simple explanation is that it keeps you dry when it rains, warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot. But, how well is your home performing at these simple functions? When it rains are there small amounts of water that you don’t see getting to places that don’t dry out? Is your furnace running more than it needs to because cold outside air is leaking in and transferring right through your exterior walls? On hot summer days is you’re a/c working overtime to cool hot humid air that easily penetrates the home? And has your HVAC system been properly sized and balanced to efficiently and evenly heat/cool and ventilate each room? This is how homes perform.

A home that performs well is designed with these factors in mind for your location and solar orientation while accommodating the aesthetic and functional design intent. A high performance home restricts water only to outside surfaces designed to handle it, keeps air leakage to an absolute minimum and insulation is not only maximized, but installed in the most continuous manner possible – eliminating thermal bridges between the outside and in. These practices now allow for a minimal heating and cooling demand – saving you money upfront on equipment costs, and every month on utility bills. So while most homes will keep you dry and warm/cool, a high performance home will keep you COMFORTABLE while doing very little work. Spaces will be evenly tempered, and ventilated. Stale air is constantly removed and replaced with fresh clean air. Spaces are strategically day-lit, while direct sunlight is controlled with window placement, designed glazing types, and shading.

These fairly simple concepts are easy to explain, but the fact is, successful implementation is rare. Cedar Street Builders sets out to conquer these methods on each project by making High Performance Home Building our primary focus.

This is how we do it.


Cedar Street Builders ensures the right team is assembled for each project. As the General Contractor, we work to ensure the best subcontractors are selected while maintaining the project budget, but we also consider ourselves a true Construction Manager and we will help select the architect, manage the design process, and utilize the proper consultants, energy raters, etc. We will ensure that all parties are working together toward a common goal, and in a timely manner. The homeowner is part of the process every step of the way to ensure there are no surprises along the way, and every objective is met.


Each product that makes up your home is carefully selected by you and the team for its performance, sustainability, and aesthetic qualities. We ensure that these products are analyzed for proper installation, maintenance details and how these products work together. The biggest issues on construction projects occur when two different products meet and the design/construction team has not evaluated how they will work as a cohesive unit.


Once the building begins, each activity is carefully planed and installation is reviewed daily to ensure the designed systems are built as intended. In many cases we are working with the latest proven products and methods – Cedar Street Builders ensures that each trade is fully trained on the task, and product manufacturers are involved in the process.


Cedar Street Builders ensures the construction quality of each project, and we also believe that out industry benefits from 3rd party verification to ensure the exceptional construction can carry the High Performance, Sustainable, or Green tag with it for its long lifetime. Multiple programs are available for this, and we will help evaluate if one is right for your project.

“Cedar Street Builders knows that what they are building is more than a clever arrangement of bricks, wood, and mortar.  They recognize that it is a home, where the focus should be the comfort and convenience of those living there.”
John Stehr, Homeowner

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