Our Process

Providing a high quality customer experience is as important to us as building a high quality home.  To achieve both, we outline the project’s process from the beginning; setting expectations and creating a framework for success.


We believe in a collaborative effort between the owners, designers, and contractors. Working together from the early stages will ensure the true intent of the home is carried out during construction and it is done in the most cost effective way. The process can begin in a few different ways.


If you are starting from scratch, Cedar Street Builders will review your initial goals for the home and help choose the design professionals that are right for the project.  Working together, we will complete a set of plans and specifications that ensures you are getting the home that fits you best while working within your budget.


If you have a home design and building location, we will help with budgeting by getting real estimates from subcontractors and provide any value engineering options that may help with the costs and provide the most efficient and sustainable home possible.  We will also begin to review the construction details and analyze how the key building components will best work together.


If you have an existing home that you are looking to renovate, we will help review the goals of the project and begin to determine what the best options are.


In order to ensure the project plan is carried out and the goals are achieved, Cedar Street Builders fully coordinates and supervises the construction process on site.

We review the work plans daily to ensure the home is built to the highest quality –structurally, and aesthetically, and we ensure construction is detailed properly to maximize energy efficiency, and longevity.

We encourage you and your family to be involved in the process. We will have regular walk-through’s based on your schedule, and we will keep you updated on the progress every step of the way.

We don’t want to wait until the home is complete to do a “punch-list” at a final walk-through. Your input and suggestions of any kind are welcome right from the start.

“Through multiple collaborations with Cedar Street Builders, I appreciate their integrity and collaborative spirit in delivering construction services guided by clients goals; striving for quality in their work and a proactive attention to detail.”
David Rausch, AIA

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