David RauschAIA

Through multiple collaborations with Cedar Street Builders, I appreciate their integrity and collaborative spirit in delivering construction services guided by clients goals; striving for quality in their work and a proactive attention to detail.

John StehrHomeowner

The journey from a blue print to a “house” is never easy, filled with countless decisions along the way.  With that in mind, I believe the best decision we made was one of the first — choosing Cedar Street Builders to build our new home.  Dan and Anne have been helpful and collaborative from day one.  Without organization, the process can easily become overwhelming, and we have not felt overwhelmed at any point.  Cedar Street has been supremely organized, so that we are able to make choices at the appropriate times.  We have felt completely engaged in the process and on top of where it is heading.

One of the reasons we chose Cedar Street is their focus on energy efficiency.  Dan’s knowledge and ability to apply his expertise to our situation is impressive.  From insulating the foundation to applying modern insulation techniques in the interior to suggesting the inclusion of solar panels on the southern-facing roof.  Altogether, we are confident that his ideas will make our new home a model of efficiency.

Perhaps what we have appreciated the most about working with Cedar Street is the human touch.  They know that what they are building is more than a clever arrangement of bricks, wood, and mortar.  They recognize that it is a home, where the focus should be the comfort and convenience of those living there.  If we had it to do over again, we would definitely bring Cedar Street Builders along for the ride.

Kelsey JohnstonHomeowner

When we made the decision to build, our first priority was energy efficiency. We found Dan through the Passive House Institute as he was the only owner of a Passive home in the State of Indiana at the time. We immediately reached out to him, and he not only responded in a timely manner, but he offered to meet us at our current home to talk through our dreams.

He listened intently, offered alternatives, and was straight forward about expectations and timelines. We experienced this same commitment and trust throughout our entire build. We could always count on Dan to reach out when big decisions needed to made, yet we had complete trust that he had our best interests in mind and understood our vision. We would highly recommend Dan and Cedar Street Builders!

Molly DonofrioHomeowner

Building our home with Dan was truly a wonderful experience. Having always owned old homes, we really did not know all the ins and outs of building new construction. Dan led us through the process, knowing just when to give us a push or let us sit with choices for a bit. It wasn’t until we started speaking to others about their building experiences that we realized just how good we had it! We ended up under budget and on time, which is almost unheard of when it comes to construction. We have said on more than one occasion if we are ever to build again, we would hire Dan and Cedar Street Builders in a second!

Chris HinesleySub-Contractor

Dan’s attention to detail sets him apart from other builders.  As one of his sub-contractors, I get to see this on a regular basis.  When the project is finished, the customer is getting a very well built home because of Dan’s thoroughness in home efficiency, structural soundness, and innovative design.